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EVO oil

Soil, water quality, exposure to sunglight, plant care give a magnificent result, recognized and awarded by expert professionals. The milling of the olives, through a mechanical process of cold pressing with a continuous system, takes place strictly within 24 hours of harvesting, to guarantee the conservation of the organoleptic qualities of the fruit and to preserve the marked aromas unaltered.

Podere Pagliaiolo EVO oil

From 2018 to date, Podere Pagliaiolo EVO oil has been awarded the Cinque Gocce prize, the highest recognition of the Italian Oil Sommelier Association and the Italian Sommelier Foundation, the International Centre for Wine and Oil Culture. It was also included in the Bibenda 2021 Oil Forum and Guide. A great satisfaction and a recognition of excellence for this great oil, for our commitment and for the entire territory.

Harvest and Taste

In autumn, when the drupes begin to ripen, we harvest the olives by hand and with mechanical rakes. The work of harvesting, tiring and intense, involves our whole family and is transformed every year into an occasion for conviviality. Guests can participate in the olive harvest, watch the pressing and walk along the paths that run between the trees. At the end of the harvest, you cannot miss tasting the new oil, accompanied by fragrant bread, tasty cheeses and excellent Tuscan wines. A truly unique experience!

Our Packaging

Companies can choose from different types of packaging. The customisation of corporate gift packaging is studied with the customer, with the necessary advance notice and for quantities to be agreed upon.

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